Monday, May 17, 2010


Even as a little girl I can remember wanting chickens. I always thought they would just be really fun pets. Fun to watch, fun to try and catch, soft to pet and especially, fun to check for eggs each day! Well, dreams do come true!!! In Gods timing, it is finally our time to have chickens!! We were very blessed by friends to get us started and now they are here to stay. We created a coop around my old garden that didn't get enough light to grow much cause of all these trees!! So we built it up to 6ft high and covered it all with chicken wire so they won't fly out and roost in the trees! We were blessed with the gift of a chicken coop so we put that in and cleaned it out, added some straw to the lay box's, a hanging feeder inside and walla!! We each have a chicken as well. Jason's chicken is Shelby (mustang), the black and white spotted one. My chicken is Bessy ( because I can't have my cow named Bessy, so for now I will settle for my brown/red chicken). She is small and quite endowed! Kayla's chicken is the white one, her name is Brittney. She is the only one I believe who still hasn't laid an egg. Soooo, she may just become dinner!! Samantha's hen is the Coop Leader! She is tanner and she is... tan of course! She is QUITE big and will face off with our dog Rocky. She will peck his nose if he gets to close!!! GO TANNER!! And last but not least is Benjamin's chicken Uh-OH! Yes, her name is Uh-Oh, because Ben loves to say UH OH!! So there ya have it. Our little urban chickens!! Here are some pics:

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