Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sabbath day fun!

Hi all!! We have recently been convicted to start observing the Lords Sabbath on the first day of the week ( on God's calender that's Friday 6pm till Saturday 6pm ). Now to all of you who think we have suddenly turned Jewish, NOPE! :) We are just choosing as a family to observe the fourth commandment on the day we believe God originally chose. We still worship the Lord with other believers on Sunday right now, that may change, or, we may do both, God knows! But for now, God has told us to kick back and relax and enjoy family and Him on the Sabbath. SO, last night before six I made a really yummy extra huge pizza with string cheese filled crust!!!! I WISH I had taken a picture of that beauty but will have to do so next time! We ate that and watched a video called "the Apostles of Comedy". It was four Christian men who also happen to be pretty funny!!
This morning we had fun making pancakes and a nice relaxed pace, no hurries! Now, we did afterwards need to take some trash from my parents house to the dump. That was pretty easy and done quickly. Then later today I gave the girls two canvases and some recycled materials. Here are some pictures of what they started doing. Kayla my red head has squares I cut out from coke cans, and Sammy has bottle caps from various containers. I will have finished pictures soon! I also have a video of my little man dancing this morning that I have been trying to download and get up on here:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Purim!

Hello all. For the first time in the Land family, we are celebrating the Purim Festival! This is a celebration to remember the time when God saved some of His people ( the Jews from the tribe of Judah ) from the wicked Haman. The History of this event is found in the book of Ester in the Bible! God worked in the heart of one Jewish girl named Hadassah and saved the entire tribe of Judah!!! One reason why I believe that this is a great festival for Christians to celebrate is this; the tribe of Judah are our brothers and sisters AND, if God had allowed there destruction then Jesus ( being also from the tribe of Judah ) would have NEVER been born, therefor we would never have been redeemed by His sacrifice on the cross!! SO, all that to say, we had a GREAT time celebrating this weekend!
First we read about the history of the book of Ester while eating a very NICE breakfast! Then, all sat around and listened to mom read the story out of the WORD. It was really fun actually cause every time we got to the word HAMAN we all yelled "BOOOOOOOO!" Even Ben joined in on this one! Sammy added that she wanted to yell "YEAH!!!" for Mordecai so we did that as well! The girls also played the various rolls of characters in the book while I read.. that was fun!
Also, it's tradition to dress up which is symbolic of how Ester had to change her name and "hide" that she was Jewish. There are some pics below of that:)
We also had fun making some mishlot manots ( I know I'm spelling all this wrong!!!). Those are Jewish food baskets/gifts that they give on Purim. They especially do this for the poor so that everyone will be able to celebrate and feast that day! We made peanut clusters, chocolate covered strawberries and regular strawberries cleaned and ready to go. YUM!
Lastly, the girls received a Purim gift from us ( zoobles:) and then we watched "One Night With the King," the Ester story in modern movie form ( free on Netflix!)
We had a really great time remembering what God did way back then, but we can also fast forward to what Jesus did for us, and then fast forward some more and remember God's promise to come back!! He NEVER breaks his promises!! TRUST IN HIM!!!

Kayla looks so old in this one!

My sweetie!

Super man!!!

I gave him his cape early so he could be superman for Purim! So cute!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Lands have a LAMB!

Here are a few pictures of two lambs that me and my friend Codi picked up recently ( she will be keeping them on her property with us living in town). We both got two male lambs to butcher in the fall.... YES, I know, it's gonna be hard! BUT, we are determined to learn and feed our families! We will see how it goes!!!

Letter Tag Toy gift!

Here is a quick pick of a bean bag tag toy I made for a recent new addition to our congregation, Josie! This was my first attempt at something like this, I think it turned out kinda cute!! Next time I will probably do some polly fill for a pillow type toy, that or two layers of fleece! Crafting is so much fun!

My Happy Saint Patty's Day and Birthday!

Well once again Saint Patty's day was upon us and, as it is every year, my birthday! We had a really great time that day as it was unseasonably warm! We all got in our green and got ready for the parade downtown. Here are some pics!

Me and my hubby waiting for the parade!

Hmmm... not sure what excited my little man in this one!

Show me your teeth!

My two sweet ladies VERY excited!

Ok, here come the fire engines!

choo choo...

There's the saint himself! VERY OLD!

Pretty rainbow!

Hope you all enjoyed your Saint Patrick's Day too!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New craft on Kelly's Crafty Creations!

So I finally actually got a little bit of time to do a little bit of crafting!! I made a outfit and head band for my sister in-laws new baby Skylar! Check it out at Kelly's Crafty Creations!


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