Monday, August 30, 2010

New fun Bandanna Purse!

I got the crafty bug tonight...just couldn't sleep, I MUST MAKE SOMETHING!!! LOL SO, I did!!! I made a sweet little bandanna purse out of one bandanna, some black bias tape and a circle cut out of a milk carton!! OH YA!!! hehehe this is just so much fun for me... my "high":) I really love how these milk carton handles worked out. Just trace a small circle, then a larger one around that, and cut! Wrap some bias tape around the handle ( there pretty thin so the thickness of the bias tape layers really helps!), and walla, purse handles!! I get SO excited when I find ways to use milk cartons, we always have SO many around here, so new ways to reuse them are always welcome!! Here are some pics.... thinken this will be up on my Kelly's Crafty Creations blog very soon! So, what do you think?

New Necklaces for sale!

Here are some pictures of the new necklaces I have up on the JEWELRY page of my new blog Kelly's Crafty Creations. There are more close up pictures on the page. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New blog FINALLY up!!

I've been working hard at getting a new blog up and running. This blog is to sell stuff to help the family, especially when the winter hits. Mostly the sight will have things that I have made, but there will also be just stuff I have to sell. Please take a look! I hope you enjoy it!!

Kelly's Crafty Creations

Who's been stealing the cereal!

LOL, I found the rascal that's been stealing our cereal!!! Cutest little varmint I ever saw!

Friday, August 27, 2010

TO short shorts and TWO pillow cases, into ONE cute SKIRT!!

A good friend of mine gave us some clothes for the girls. Included was a pair of shorts....VERY VERY SHORT shorts. SO, I thought that these shorts would make a really cute skirt. Well, the other day at a.... of course:) Thrift store, I found two really nice paisley blue and off-white pillow cases. SO, these items seemed destined to turn into a sweet modest skirt for my daughter:) Here's a QUICK tutorial on how I did it:

First, you need two matching ( guess they don't have to be if you like that look!), and the top of a jean skirt, shorts, jeans etc... I cute maybe one-two inches off these shorts, that's IT! SHOOOOORT shorts!

Cut off as much of the top ( closed ) part of the pillow cases as you want. ( I cut off about 5 inches). Then, cut the seam side open so you have two big rectangular panels.

Sew the two large rectangular panels together. The open part of the pillow cases become the bottom hem of the skirt. Just sew up the sides where you cut them open. I sewed up both sides as well as zig-sag stitched to reinforce.

Now, sew one long stitch across the top of your sewn together pillow cases. DON'T BACK STITCH!!! Start at one seam and go across till just before you hit that seam again. USE THE WIDES STITCH YA GOT! Now, while holding the string at the beginning of the stitch, slide your fabric across the stitch and gather it till it looks semi even and is the same with as the opening of your cut jeans. ( THANK YOU JENI for teaching me this!!) You may want to sew another stitch just below that one in case your first stitch snaps... I'm alittle to impatient for that, but that is the proper way:)

Now, take the jeans top and put it inside the waist line of the skirt, pointing down and make sure the right side of the jean fabric is against the right side of the skirt fabric. Pin, seams together, your skirt around the jean opening. Make sure you have the fabric gathered to the SAME SIZE as the opening.... this is kinda tricky for a impatient person (ME), so it may not turn out just right, but close enough:) Just TRY not to yank on the thread, it breaks EASY and you don't want to have to pin all that gathering where it breaks, TRUST ME!! lol

Now, below the gathering stitch a bit, sew on the skirt to the jeans. Then, pull out the pins.

turn it right side out but with the jean top flipped over like this. I opted to cut do another stitch this way, all the way around, for more secureness ( is that a word??)lol

Then, I cut off the excess pretty close to the last stitching I just did.

Flip the top back right-side out and take a look!! You have a new, COOOOOOL skirt!! What do ya think?? Don't tell Kayla, it's for her 11th birthday in a few weeks!!!

Thrift store findings!

This week has been a WHIRLWIND of events! Monday was the first day of school, and now that I'm at the end of the week I can say it was the only FULL day of school! It was nice to start up again, but we are apparently easing into a full routine:) Tuesday night was the first of many ICC meetings, this one at my house. ICC stands for Intentional Christian Community. God has brought many families together that all have Christian Community on our hearts. We all want more then an hour or two on Sunday and maybe Wednesday night. Many of us have a desire to live in closer proximity to each other, to be more self sufficient and to have a more constant connection with each other. We are currently trying to come up with what that looks like us to each of us and to us as a whole. Very interesting stuff there!

Wednesday night was practice with the worship band ( I sing and play sax and my husband sings), and bible study.

Thursday was a long day of canning various things at my friend Kate's house. SO much fun but much more work then you would expect!

Today has been a LONG day of doctors trying to find out what to do about my oldest daughters eyes! She is not seeing up close clearly AND she is having double vision. It looks like alot of homework therapy is needed to work on building up her eye muscles so that she can read and write again. It's a long road, but atleast there is light at the end.

SO, besides all that, I did recently find a GREAT piece at the thrift store. It is a display piece for bracelets and necklaces!! PERFECT! It is missing one of the arms off the side, but that's ok, there many more:) Happy thrift store shopping!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geuss what I made!! Carton Bracelet!

Ok, so, this may be over the top, but still, how cool is this!!! Check out my newest bracelet creation!

You know you all want one of these!!! hehehehe:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sheep Shearing Sisters!

Our family was BLESSED to be invited to help shear some SERIOUSLY IN NEED sheep at our friend Margo's house. This was SO MUCH FUN yet so stinky and challenging!

First, a quick cute picture of my sweetie pie!! He had fun!

These are there two sheep. Lizzy and Wooly I think??? The bigger one is actually the female. They didn't know it, but they were fixen to feel ALOT better in all this Kansas heat!

A few quick pics of some cute kids with kitties and Goaties!

This is the first sheap. He is just about finished here. We sure did a chop job on them, but atleast they have some relief from all that wool!! Sheep produce Lanolin out of there skin. This is the stuff used for breast feeding mothers sore....well , ya know!! SO, they were very oily, and Wynter thought she might have alittle spa treatment on her footsies....

So Kate thought this was a GREAT idea and went for it too!!!

Time for some more shearing.... We were using every sharp thing we could find! These are a pair of sharp teeth scissors, we also had a pair of Goat shearer's, Poultry scissors, regular scissors and even a tiny pocket knife!

Time for the under belly. Kim GRACIOUSLY volunteered to hold the sheep!! Let's just say, Kim was WARM!!! LOL

Possibly my favorite picture from the day!! AWWWWWWWW!!!

Sheep Shearing Sisters!!!! Who knows what we'll do next!!! LOL

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Down comes the tree!!!

We have had a determined tree crew here for the last three days. I went away for awhile today and came home to much more visible sky then I remember!! It is DOWN!! Here are the pics! Missed the first few of the left side of the Y in the tree!! OOPS!

Plastic Bottle Wrapped Ribbon Bracelet TUTORIAL!!

Finally got the chance to do a quick tutorial on these fun, easy and cheap to make bracelet's! Enjoy!

Ok, so here is what you need:
Plastic bottle ( wrist size ), ruler, scissors, sharpie, exacto knife, ribbon and hot glue/gun.

Ok, so find the ridge at the top of the middle of the bottle.

Poke through and slowly start cutting off the top, try to stay as close to the ridge as you can.

When you come close to the end, it is easier to use the scissors to finish the cut.

Do the same thing to the other ridge at the bottom. You should end up with three pieces. The top and the bottom can still be used for things... you can cut down the sides and pull them back to make flowers...maybe spray paint them and stick a Christmas light through the bottom of the middle??? Any ideas?? :)

Now, measure how wide your middle piece is with the ruler, doesn't have to be perfect!

Mark the center with your ruler and sharpie.

Now mark the middle of either side with your ruler and sharpie.

This is where I eye ball it. You can make four three or two of these, even one if you want a REALLY wide bangle! I usually get about four strips out of each bottle.

You should have some strips that look something like this after you re-smoosh them back to circles:)

Now I look at each one and trim away the wonkie lookin parts:)

Now for the ribbon. It's hard to measure these things. For this one I took the end of the ribbon in one hand and ran it across my body all the way stretch out to the other hand. That was a bit much because I only barely overlapped when I wrapped the bracelet. You can try that way or you can go from one hand across to your other elbow... this is NOT a science:) If your to long, no worries, to can add some ribbon on the inside with glue and still make it work out just fine!

Put some hot glue on the end and then quickly...

stick it to the inside of the bracelet!

Now start to wrap, I try to only overlap alittle bit so that I am using the least amount of ribbon I have too, but you can overlap more if you like. Just make sure you keep the ribbon taught...(sp?)

Keep going....

Ok, so now we are at the end, make sure you get the front and back covered in ribbon. If you have to wrap a second time on top of ribbon, it's ok.

Now we need to cut off the excess.

Leave a tiny bit more then me, but not so much that it poke over the other side when you flip it. Now, put a hot glue blog on the inside end and flip over and press.

And there you have it. You can add other fibers over the top with beads, charms etc. Different ribbons...etc!! Easy squeazy lemon pleasy!


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