Monday, August 30, 2010

New fun Bandanna Purse!

I got the crafty bug tonight...just couldn't sleep, I MUST MAKE SOMETHING!!! LOL SO, I did!!! I made a sweet little bandanna purse out of one bandanna, some black bias tape and a circle cut out of a milk carton!! OH YA!!! hehehe this is just so much fun for me... my "high":) I really love how these milk carton handles worked out. Just trace a small circle, then a larger one around that, and cut! Wrap some bias tape around the handle ( there pretty thin so the thickness of the bias tape layers really helps!), and walla, purse handles!! I get SO excited when I find ways to use milk cartons, we always have SO many around here, so new ways to reuse them are always welcome!! Here are some pics.... thinken this will be up on my Kelly's Crafty Creations blog very soon! So, what do you think?

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