Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going to the fair!

The girls and I plan on going out to the county fair today. Monday night we went up to the fair to enter some of our crafts in the open-class contests. It was pretty stressful actually, but I'm pretty sure that was mostly my fault. We brought 17 ITEMS to enter!!!! SO...6 of those were the girls..... ya, the rest were mine! lol I have never done this before so we will see how it goes. I'm so thankful to my husband for helping out! We had to write our address 3 TIMES on EACH card we filled out!! If I wasn't before, I am CERTAIN where we live now!! LOL
There was quite a lot of talented people there and many beautiful creations! Today we will go see if any of ours won anything and check out all the others, not to mention get to see the cow's and pigs!!! Now, all who know me well know I LOVE cow's and pigs!! My dream is to have my own some day!! This is in STARK contrast to my mother who isn't really thrilled with any animal that, that's ALL OF THEM mom!!! :)
Any who, ok, off to the fair in a few hours, will come back with lots of fun pics I'm sure!! See ya'll later!


Mommy Mayhem said...

I would wish you luck but you dont need it because you are so creative I am sure you won!!

kelkayla said...

How sweet are you!!! Thank you so much for your kind comment! We just got back. It's to late to post now, but have MANY pics from tonight I will share tomorrow!!


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