Friday, July 30, 2010

New hand bags / clutches for the Holiday Bazar!

So, my friends have been lovingly pushing me to start to sell some of this stuff I've been making! I would love to make some money for our family, but my top priority HAS to be my God, my Husband, my girls and there education.... SO, I have decided to possibly do the small Holiday Bazaar that we have every year on post ( that I am just now learning about actually)! Anywho, these are a few of the things I have been getting ready! I really think these are turning out cute! psst, that last two are for my girlie's for there upcoming birthdays!!!

Some art I did with Card stock and Paint chips!

These are a few pieces of art I did with some square card stock I have had for a LONG time, and some paint chips I recently picked up!

This first one I added some puffy square tape to give it some dimension, hard to see on the pic but there is alittle space between each tree:)

This one was with a stencil and some free hand on the corners. Then I added the sliced strips of multi colored paint chips to a piece of card stock for the back.

This last one is actually all the scraps from the two previous one on a new piece of card stock! These were really fun, gonna do something like this again soon!

Quick QUICK shirt into apron tutorial!

This is a perfect project for me, the lazy sewer:) I love to sew, but have little patience for patterns and pinning etc... SO, made this one up today! Find a shirt , anyone that you want to make a apron out of. This one is perfect cause it has cute little pockets already.

Cut it alittle bigger then you would want it ( for the fold down nice edge on top ), strait across.

Now turn the top that is left of the shirt vertical to you like this.

Now, I made three strips here. You may be able to get away with two cause mine ended up being long enough to wrap around to the front and tie. Cut out even strips for the strap part of the apron. I had nice lines to go by but you can just eye ball it:)

Now, take apart ONE seam of the circles strips you have just cut, or if there is no seam, cut it:)

Now you should have three twice as long strips:)

Sew these strips together from end to end and end... right sides facing when you sew.

You should now have a pile of one long strip:)

Now for the tidy sewers nightmare:) Hold the strip with the wrong side facing you. Fold one side in...

and then the other.... yes...I know...there's a raw edge..SHOWING!! AHHHH! LOL ok, so if you want it really nice you can do all that folding, ironing, pining and stuff, it's OK, I'm just not that patient. PLUS, I figure. This is for me and the girls and no one is gonna see the inside of the apron when it's on:)

Now sew one strait line down the middle holding and flipping as you go!! it's ok, it doesn't have to be perfect!!

Then fold over the ends twice and sew over them a few times to secure.

Now, find the middle of this long skinny strap...

fold the top of the apron over a half to a inch or so and lay middle of the strap on top of the front side of the top of the apron. Now look, PINS!! See, I used a few....:)

Now make sure it's at least alittle pinned on there to keep it center and still.

Now start on one side of your apron and sew down one edge of the strap to the apron.

Now turn, sew that tiny bit down the side...
turn again and go back down the other edge:)

And there you have it, a quick and cute apron!!

This is my daughter attempting to claim this as her own!!!

Left over streamers? Quick cute rosettes!

Kayla and I decided to make some fun cute rosettes today with some streamers. Pretty easy and can be used in many different ways! Will use these for a project soon and show the results!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The good, the bad and the STINKY! Melting pony beads into bracelets and things...

Well, I got pretty excited when I saw some other crafty people doing this ( one tutorial thingy HERE), so I had to try it of course! Let me just say, this was... well...EXTREMELY STINKY! Now, of course this was probably because I was doing not only a little bracelet but a large cake pan of beads as well! But oh my goodness, it was so smelly I had to make everyone leave the room, almost the house!! SO, I would not recommend doing this without windows up, fans on and only alittle at a time. I did think they came out kinda neat though, ESPECIALLY the flat circle round... I want to make this into a bowl just like the VINYL RECORD BOWLS at some point. Here are the pics of what we did:

You may want to try 450 or something, this took a REALLY long time... like 25-30 minutes. Could be my weird oven though. You will just have to figure out what works best in your oven for this one. Could have taken so long because of the HUGE amount of beads I used for the round!

I love the way this looks in the light!! Might just leave it just like that and put it up in the window!

You may be wondering now about the slight J looking blob on the right... that was my bracelet.... I finished it and rolled it around a tin can quickly to make the bracelet. Then I realized that the tin can was to big and the bracelet would fall right off, so I put it back in with the girls bracelets to soften again....I um...forgot about it... as you can probably tell!! SO NOW, it is a J for JESUS for CHRISTmas!!! LOL

Make your own easy SWEATER BOOTS!!

This is such a super fun and surprisingly quick project!! Here's how I did it (the slightly lazy but fun and fast way), but you can find a fancier way HERE.

First, find a comfortable pair of slip on shoes / flats. I found these at the thrift store for a dollar for my eight year old Samantha.

Next, find a cute sweater. This one I found at another thrift store for a dollar! It was actually hard to cut into this one, it was warm soft and fit her perfectly!! But sacrifices must be made in the name of CRAFTINESS!!

Now, cut off the sleeves. I cut alittle away from the seam, in case I wanted to sew new sleeves on or hem it or something. So first the right...

Then the left....

You should now have two sleeves and one very cute sweater vest!!!

Ok, SO, take one sleeve and turn it inside out.

Open it up at the wide end and slip it on top of the shoe sole. You want the inside out sleeve to go around the sole and hang down.

Time for the hot glue gun!!!

Now, match up the seam of the sweater arm with the back of the heal. Put some hot glue there on the heal ( I did this pretty low this time. I think I would put the glue up pretty high on the sole next time so the sweater doesn't end up being almost to the ground). Quickly press the sweater to the heal that is glued.

Like this....

Then start going around the should gluing...

and pressing...

and gluing....

and pressing some more...

and some more...

don't stop now

almost done!!!

So now you should have a shoe with a inside out sweater sleeve hanging glued from the sole!! GOOOD JOB!! :) Now do all of that one more time with the other shoe!! No worries, your a pro now!! easy peasy lemon squeazy!

Now take them, and turn them right side out, pulling the shoes through.

The bottom should look something like this!

carefully pull it snug so it's all pulled out properly.

And walla!! There you have it! A adorable set of sweater boots!! And this sweater has lots of colors so it could work with alot of outfits!

They even look cute rolled down!

And there she is! This outfit SO fits her personality! And the sweater will actually work SO cute as a sweater vest. In the winter she can wear a turtle neck or long sleeve shirt with it!! I am LOVIN this! Now you try and send me pics of how it went!!


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