Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The good, the bad and the STINKY! Melting pony beads into bracelets and things...

Well, I got pretty excited when I saw some other crafty people doing this ( one tutorial thingy HERE), so I had to try it of course! Let me just say, this was... well...EXTREMELY STINKY! Now, of course this was probably because I was doing not only a little bracelet but a large cake pan of beads as well! But oh my goodness, it was so smelly I had to make everyone leave the room, almost the house!! SO, I would not recommend doing this without windows up, fans on and only alittle at a time. I did think they came out kinda neat though, ESPECIALLY the flat circle round... I want to make this into a bowl just like the VINYL RECORD BOWLS at some point. Here are the pics of what we did:

You may want to try 450 or something, this took a REALLY long time... like 25-30 minutes. Could be my weird oven though. You will just have to figure out what works best in your oven for this one. Could have taken so long because of the HUGE amount of beads I used for the round!

I love the way this looks in the light!! Might just leave it just like that and put it up in the window!

You may be wondering now about the slight J looking blob on the right... that was my bracelet.... I finished it and rolled it around a tin can quickly to make the bracelet. Then I realized that the tin can was to big and the bracelet would fall right off, so I put it back in with the girls bracelets to soften again....I um...forgot about it... as you can probably tell!! SO NOW, it is a J for JESUS for CHRISTmas!!! LOL


Mommy Mayhem said...

I love the big ball it looks like a disco ball!!! very creative..

kelkayla said...

Thanks!! I really like the way it looks with the light behind it, but BOY was it stinky to make!


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