Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Red White and Blue Barrettes!

Picked up a bag of barrettes at a thrift store the other day, so I thought I would make some to match the purses for the girls. Here's a quick tutorial:

So, first I drew and cut out a good size star from a stencil. Then I copied that on all the felt and cut those out. I also glued some ... squigilley ribbon on the front of the barrette. Found out later it didn't really need it though.

Now take your exacto knife or something pokey :) and put a hole in the middle of the star. Then poke a brad through and secure it to the back.

Now I found some super perfect fabric type ribbon in my stash and cut three 3-4 inch strips. I took one end and folded it under after applying some super glue. Then I attached the top of the ribbon to the top of the barrette like so.

And there you have it!! I really like how these came out, they should be a fun addition to the purses and soon to the shirts!! That's next!

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