Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fusing Plastic! My new favorite thing!!!

When I saw this I think I literally got a bit giddy!! I had no idea that you could fuse plastic sheets together and basically make a thick plastic that you can do almost anything you can do with fabric!! The possibilities with this one are endless!! Now I didn't make a tutorial for this one, but HERE is a great tutorial to get you started. When I did this purse, I used thick paper to put the sheet in between and that worked great. I trimmed the edges aft that to make it a clean rectangle. I put the wrappers on after I fused the grocery bags and then put a clear layer of plastic over that and fused it all to the bag. Even decorated the inside for what reason I don't know. Guess I got alittle over the top!! LOL But it is so fun!! PLUS, I put a pocket on the inside but cutting one of the wrappers to the size I wanted and fusing it to the inside with a small sized piece of paper between the pocket and the purse. I left the sides and bottom of the pocket touching the purse so that they would fuse but not the part where the paper was in between the plastics:) Anyways, with my version I sew all around the edges after putting in a zipper at the top, ( YES, I actually put in a zipper that worked!! KAZAAA!!!) It was dilusionaly late when I did this and so I had to find a handle fast. I grabbed a braided yard rope my daughter had made me and there ya have. The most YUMMIEST purse EVER!! What do you think???

OH YA, P.S. I just learned that you can also fuse plastic to fabric!!! SO, save up all those cool little characters you find on Disney plastic party bags etc.... and put some umph in a outfit for your kiddo!! Check out how to do it HERE! Enjoy!!!

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