Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recycle those jeans into two 4th of July Purses!!

I have been wanting to play with Freezer paper since I found out how super cool it is. Finally I got to yesterday with a fun idea for some cute festive purses. Check this out!

So, Freezer paper has one side that is waxy and one that isn't. SO, you can trace anything on it, cut it out, and iron it on to fabric!! How cool is that!?! So, fourth of July stars coming up!

This is the waxy side I was talkin about.

Cut out your shapes after you trace them. You can of course use the cut outs and the sheet with the shapes cut out of it. We will use the sheet for some family shirts later. We're gonna use the cut outs for the purses.

I had two of these cut off from last year. Just cut off a couple inch or some wide rounds from the top (after you cut off the hole part).The cut those rounds so they lay out flat. I cut off the seam on one side to do this. Then for quick straps, just fold one side to the middle then the other overlapping and sew. I turned the rest of the jeans inside out and folded them down and sewed to make a smooth top edge. Then sew your straps on and sew up the bottom of the "leg". I added some trim on one.

Now just place your cut outs where you want them and iron. I used paper over the cut outs so they wouldn't move. Then if any of them didn't stick enough I directly ironed on that piece.

Now get your paints and paint on the edges of each cut out. When finished peal and see the coolness!!

This last one included a purse I made last year out of vintage rectangles a friend gave me. Thought it was the perfect time to bring it out again! Enjoy.... now on to cute hair clips!!

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