Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally found a GREAT use for my formula cans!!!

Well, everyone in my house has been bagging on me for keeping all these formula can for so long. I just COULDN'T give them up, WHAT GREAT CONTAINERS!!! ( I am quite the container junkie I must say!). SO, finally as I was down in my art studio God struck me with the idea to screw the lids up to the beam that runs through the studio and clip them on!!! WALLA!! What do you think?? This worked out so great and let me give a THANK YOU shout out to my husband!! That cordless got pretty heavy after....well...number 3 :) So he cranked the rest of them out for me!! Next I will be re-labeling them all with a huge roll of brown paper I have had for many years!! Think I will use sharpies, stamps and maybe some stencils for fun. As far as what is in them: a lot of my sewing stuff..Velcro, elastic, thread, needles, etc... also got hole punches, puff paint, MANY zippers TONS of cross stitch thread , buttons etc etc... Will post when I finish the labels!!

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