Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recycled wood to furniture craft tutorial PART 3

Well, I finally finished my box's! Here are a few pictures of how I am setting them up right now. I decoupaged three of the four sides of these box's so I can change the way there set up here and there. I left a few of the backs on , but the rest I just left off. And yes, I DID spray these with clear acrylic hubby made me:)... and helped me actually! Next is the tall shelves that he made me...what to do with them....hmmmmm:)


Amanda said...

Wow, those are adorable! I love it, what a creative way to organize the curriculum, and it looks like it was an easy project. We have a bunch of boards in our basement from our closets, hmmmm, maybe I'll have a project for DH to do next week :)

Kelly Land said...

Thanks so much Amanda!! It's the best use my scrapbooking paper has had in a long time!! I am now on constent alert for the next thing to decoupage!! Way to easy to quit now!! :) If you're husband get's a chance to make you something, would love to see the final product!:)

Dr. Fizza Rahman said...

This is too good ! :)

kelkayla said...

Thanks Dr. Fizza!! I've decided alittle cool scrapbook paper can make just about anything awesome!


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