Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New project Tutorial!! VINYL RECORD BOWLS!!!

Ok. I am having WAY to much fun with these vinyl records!! First I found out that these can EASILY be made into some really neat bowls and plates! FIRST: Turn your oven on to 350 degree's. Get a cookie sheet out and put an oven safe bowl UPSIDE DOWN on the sheet. Now put your record on top of the bowl and place it in the oven until the sides start to ripple. Almost there!!

Ok, now it's ready! See the edges are kinda wavy!

Now you can form this with your GLOVED hands or you can use a larger bowl and CAREFULLY press down on the record like this. And that is IT!!!

Here it is (now this one I did crack cause I pushed down to fast and hard on the bigger bowl to shape the record... BEEEeeee gentle!)

Here are some others I did a few weeks ago:

Plate (used a tart type correl plate thingy)

Tiny bowl:) How cute!

Now these are Laser Disks!! Remember those...before DVD's:) These are SO COOL! This one doubles as a pirate hat!!

If you leave them in a little longer so there nice and pliable, you can make super pretty bowls!!

Now, these all have holes in the bottom, (especially the laser disks), so you can take a piece of plastic...from almost anything...milk carton, soda bottle etc.. cut out a slightly bigger circle and hot glue it on! I would NOT use liquid in these eather way though. You can put chips, nuts, cookies...the list goes on and on. AND, these are one of the first teenager type craft gifts I have been able to think of!!
More to come!


Maureen said...

Pretty cool girlie!! You are a little recycler!!! Good job!!

Annemarie said...

You are an amazingly creative lady Kelly! I would have never thought of any of these handy, dandy, pretty and practical recyclables!

kelkayla said...

Thanks Mom and Anne! I appreciate your encouragement!


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