Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Milk Carton Wallet!

Well this is my third try at the wallet. This one is the best so far though I still think there is alot of room for improvement:)
First you need to open up the top of the carton. Then cut it down the side that is glued together and cut off the bottom square. Once it's laid out, cut off the top fuzzy part. Here is where I should have some sort of cool template or measurements. I don't have them now, will work on getting them. I used one side and made it the big flip over part. I cute off a piece from the farthest side and as well as some squares for card holders. Sewed those on, then sewed on the whole thing to the big flip over part. then sewed one side of that down the keep the bills from flying out. I cut a smaller flip over from the other side too keep the top kinda closed for the bills. I cut a circle ( the with of the screw on bottom on the opposite side of the plastic screw on bottom, so they can connect and screw on when folded shut. Then I made the creases so it all closed up. SORRY this is a pretty bad tutorial and no pics. I will work on making one. Just not sure if this is the final design or not. You CAN'T put your fingers in the card slot or close to any sewn area or it will split, so I want to figure out if there is any other way to do this. Any suggestions?? For now, it's still a cool wallet that my daughter digs!

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