Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Project: Vinyl Record NOTEBOOKS!

Here are some pics at my first attempts at Vinyl Record Notebooks. I forgot to take pictures for these ones. But basically you measure and take an exacto knife and score the record 6-8 times. Then put it on a flat table and put the part your trying to snap off, off the table. Then you press evenly and firmly and snap off that part. You can drill holes if you like to keep your paper inside, ( which is what I did withthe big one), or you can fold the paper in half and staple it, then glue those together and then glue them to a small piece of record you cut for the spine. I used black duct tape to smooth out the edges and keep it all together. On the large one I used some black duct tape and hot glue to make a clasp and then put a snap on it. Take a look!

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