Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recycled wood to furniture craft tutorial PART 2

Alrighty then...8 boxes later I have finally finished...mostly:) Here's how I did it:

First I picked out a main color and a accent color for all the boxes. The main color got painted on the inside and the accent is on the front outside trim and the back. Here's a pic of one of them finished with painting... (oh ya, and I want to give a shout out to my friend Jeni who helped me and showed me how to do all this!! YOU ROCK!)

Now you need to pic your paper. I had alot of scrapbook paper that I haven't had time to use in years so I pulled that out. I tried to match the paper mostly to the colors I painted. You can use one pattern or two, three...whatever you like. You can also use magazines newspapers etc...decoupage is one of my new favorit things!! SO much fun!

Now you need a paint brush, some water and some decoupage glue. Now being the thrifty lady I am, after I ran out of this rather expensive tiny tub of true decoupage glue, I searched the internet for homemade stuff. I found one recipe that calls for equal parts elmers glue and water. I made it and used it for the rest of the boxes and worked out just fine!! YEAH!!!

Now I tore the paper up in pieces. I saved the corners and strait pieces and put them in seperate piles to use on the strait sides of the boxes.

Next you need to put glue down on the surface where you want to place your paper. Don't be to stingy here or you will get bubbley paper later!

Then place your piece. I like to put one finger inthe middle and then use the brush and paint the glue from the middle out all the way around and finish in the middle.

Then just keep going around your piece in a patter ( or not, up to you) until you finish. I like the overlap look here. I finished the middle with the pieces that were neither corners nore strait edged.

Here is one finished side that needs to dry. Isn't this so coooool and easy!!!

After waiting overnight, I finished the other two sides.

Now here are some quick pictures of all the others. I will set them up properly and take better pictures later.

Now here is the HUGE pile of stuff, the majority of which must fit in this adorable boxes!! This pile has been haunting me for weeks so I am SO happy to get started organizing the curriculum into each box!

Now there is one thing I must mention. The RIGHT way to do this decoupage stuff is to do a bunch more layers of glue or spray clear spray paint sealer on them..... Ummm.....I'm incredibley inpatient and want to get everything cleaned up and organized now!!, so the correct way is to seal these bad boys... I may or may not this time around. Might seal them next time I move them around. But that's just me, I would recommend finishing them now so they are sealed and nice and don't rip etc.... Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!! Now time for some Forth of July crafts!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, you are amazing! I confess that i have been pouring over your crafts since you sent me your blog link. These boxes are my favorites so far! Would you mind posting a picture of your organized curriculum?

kelkayla said...

Thanks so much Sharon! I will post some pics VERY soon!!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Great job!

sandhu said...

all post are good thanks 4 posting..............

kelkayla said...

Thanks so much sandhu! I appriciate the feedback. I have never done any of this befor so it's good to know it's working out!! God bless!

Dr. Fizza Rahman said...

You are fantastic Kelly ! :)


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