Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recycled wood to furniture craft tutorial PART 1

Recently, we moved our school room down to the large family room we have in the back of the house. We had had the school room upstairs, but have decided to let our oldest have her own room for awhile.... she is VERY ok with this!! lol Anywho, SO now I don't have a closet for all my curriculum stuff. From the new lack of shelving, the idea of these cubes was born. I asked on Freecycle if anyone in town had any 1x12's that they didn't need anymore. One family had some that were painted white and notched out for shelves. They had been stacked and laid out against her house for some time. SO, they were pretty dirty and slightly warped, but still very usable. So Jason and I gathered them up and brought them into the shop.

Here is one of the pieces we got. Out of all the wood we got we were able to make 7 boxes.

We cut 28 12x12 pieces and put them together with glue, nails and screws:)

Here are two finished products..... can you see my vision coming to life!!!

Now we needed to sand them... mostly to get the dirt off.... could have cleaned um first....oh well, this worked well enough!

I had some left over priority mail boxes so we cut them up for the backs... later we took them back off to paint, then re-attach.

My sweet husband surprised me with some8 foot 1x12's from home depot to round out my uneven seven boxes to eight and to make me a larger box shelf for my taller curriculum.

And these are the final boxes. NEXT we go to painting and decoupage!! That will be PART 2!


Crystal Jeffers said...

Fantastic job recycling and making something so completely useful! My kiddos helped make boxes for the garden and had such a blast doing it. I can't wait to see the final project.

kelkayla said...

Thanks Crystal for the compliment!! This has been SO much fun and I love that it will be so useful to us for years to come. I especially like the idea of doing boxes instead of one big unit. This way I can move things around all year (I tend to do this being in the house so much, need to mix things up often!!) I am just about to post the pictures of the painted and decoupauged boxes so stay tuned!! ALSO, I have started a recycling craft class for ladies at my home and will be posting all the fun way to make super cool USABLE stuff out of the stuff we normally throw away!!! This has been so much fun for me and I hope the other ladies as well!!


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