Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I made me a skirt!!

I just could NOT sleep last night. I kept thinking of wonderful fun crafty things to do and no matter what I tried I could not stop!! Soooo, I decided that I just had to make a skirt and get the crafty bug out of my system...(at least until tomorrow!) So here's what I did. I had bought a really pretty twin sheet set awhile back with the intentions of making a skirt but just hadn't had the chance yet. SO, I took that sheet, ( which had a gorgeous ruffle edge), and measure how long I wanted it. Then I just cut that part off. Then I ACTUALLY pressed the waist line ( the iron was already out and it keeps me from Pinning....ewe, I hate pins..says the lazy sewer.....). Anyways, I flipped a 1/4 inch edge over and pressed and then a 1 inch flip after that to make my elastic casing. Then... I realised I should probably sew the skirt together and did that first. Then I sewed almost all the way around the bottom of the waist casing and then sewed the top of the waist casing for a more finished look. Then I threaded my wide elastic through it with a big safety pin, put it on to check the fit, then cut and sewed the elastic ends together and finished the waist hole after pushing the elastic back through. WALLAH! Pretty skirt, no need to hem, cozy elastic waist!! LOVE IT!!!

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