Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Vintage Fabric Patchwork Bead Necklaces!

These are a couple necklaces I made today. I used some really nice vintage fabric pieces I have to create this necklaces that encases wooden beads! I have many other colors if anyone is interested in something custom!! Just go over to Kellys Crafty Creations to get some! Enjoy!

Mom's trip and the girls BAPTISM!

It's been awhile, but I am finally thinken things are gonna get back to normal around here:) We did have a wonderful time with Grandma though and can't wait till she ( and hopefully Grandpa too) can come back soon! Here are some pics of the trip as well as the girls baptism!

Pooooooor mama!! Please excuse this one... slightly less the legal moment! We had my mini van FULL TO THE BRIM with items for the house my parents bought to fix up here. UNFORTUNATELY, mama had to take a back seat to the toilet in hers!!!! lol She was a trooper!!!

I made two double box sheet cakes for the girls baptism and birthday celebration! This one is Sam's, chocolate on chocolate!

And this one is Kay's. It's yellow cake with fudge swirl and creamy white frosting!

Time to get dunked!

Is it cold????

OH YA!!!
Grandma has most of the photo's for this because I video taped. Will try to get the video up soon!

This is a fun cute pic of Kay, Ben and Grandma:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

sorry for the delay....

Sorry beloved bloggers, I haven't been on lately. BUT, it's for a good cause!! My MOMMY is in town!!! I am really enjoying the time with her!! We have spent two days together so far and have SHOPPED till we DROPPED quite literally!! Got to go to some fun craft stores and get some new crafty things!! So keep a look out!! We are also getting ready for both of my daughters to be BAPTIZED!! YEAH!!! After there baptisms we are going to also be celebrating their birthdays with friends and family!! Will be back to blogging sooooon!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Sammy is 9 Years Old TODAY!!

Today is Samantha's birthday, and what a day it has been~!! Actually, the birthday started yesterday and continued into today with a slumber party! Sam invited two friends and her and Kayla and there friends had a VERY fun time eating pizza and candy and watching movies and doing nails and dress up etc....!! I was VERY thankful that MY friend Shelley was able to "slumber" with us! She was SO great, such a help and so nice to be able to chat till about 2:30am the next day!! I still think the girls beat us though.... all that sugar reallllllly kept them going!! After a fantastic texas french toast breakfast and sausage, the girls went to Play, Bounce and Jump and had SUCH a fun time!!! Here are some pictures from the ...days...:)

Time to mark another line!!! Awwhhhhh, my baby is getting so big!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture Frame Memo Board !!

Check out this new item up on the Kelly's Crafty Creations page, Other Crafts. This is a Picture Frame Memo Board!! This can be placed on a counter, table or on the wall!! These fun frames come with 6 different backgrounds!! Enjoy writing fun notes to your loved ones with this unique memo board!! Blessings!


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