Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random family pics

     Just sharing some random pics of the family. We went by Daddy's work to pick up his car and saw the new bucket he will be getting for the Hoe on his job sight. A Hoe/excavator has a the long arm and scoops up dirt and then spins around to dump it. It's one of my favorite to operate. This however is one of the BIGGEST hoe buckets I have ever seen!! Remember, this bucket isn't for a loader, this huge thing is just for a excavator!! So, we all got in for fun and took a pic, and Sammy stepped on the tooth to give some perspective on how big this thing is:)

Make your own "fortune"/ verse cookies!

     I get some blogs in my email with great idea's for crafting and cooking.  Gail over at CAN'T STOP MAKING THINGS has a really fun looking recipe for "fortune" cookies.  NOW, I'm not a big fan of the "fortune" part, BUT, I think I have a neat idea to still make these cookies fun without the fortune part...  Bible verses!!!  You can print out small slips of paper with really encouraging bible verses on them, maybe verses that speak of God's promises, or the ones that remind us who we are in Christ, and slip those in for a great little surprise treat for your friends!!  These look really easy to make and adaptable for those with allergies or restrictions.  I will probably make these with splenda and soy/coconut or almond flour to keep the carb count down for my diabetes:)  Hope you give these a try, just go to CAN'T STOP MAKING THINGS to get the recipe with good pictures too!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I just made my new FAVORITE head covering!

Ok, so I feel like I'm on to something here.  First of all, let me say I love bandanna's!  They are pre-cut, ready to go square-ish things that come in a TON of different colors and patterns!  They are PERFECT for a head covering... only thing is, I don't really like the normal way to wear them.  Put them in a triangle and tie them in the back... it's just not my favorite.  Not.... as cute as I want it to be:)  SO, I have come up with what I think is a really great way to make a bandanna into a CUTE snood head covering that is comfy, stays on your head, holds all your hair and can be worn a few different ways!!  Check it out!
So here is a back shot. I just love how full this is and how it falls in the back! 
This is the first one I made a week or so ago. I used some directions from online. It turned out good, but I like the new version that I came up with that is longer and the headband goes further around the head on the new one as well.
This is another way you can tie it:)
Or you can tie it and then tuck the tie under into the back:)
Thanks to my beautiful model Sammy for helping me out with these pics:) She loves pink!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

American Heritage Girls night

The girls had there bi-weekly American Heritage Girls meeting tonight, but this night was a bit different. Tonight was the night that they got to learn a special dance for the Daddy/Daughter dance in a few weeks they will be having. Sadly there daddy couldn't make it, BUT, the grandpa stepped up to the plate and they all had a great time dancing together. I took some photo's of the event:)

Monumental Trailer

So excited about Kirk Cameron's new movie, "Monumental"!!  Take a look!

A walk with my little man...

Today, Benjamin and I got to take a walk together.  It was chilly out, but we bundled up and went out to enjoy the morning air.  It was super foggy this morning and Ben just got a kick out of that.  We had a real good time together and I took a few pics of Ben enjoying his surroundings:)

Making Jeans into a SKIRT!

So, I have finally done something that I have wanted to do for years!!! I made some SKIRTS made out of JEANS!!! YEAH!! My friend Kate wanted a skirt made out of her jeans and so we set the date to create! The day before she came I decided to give it a try so I could do a better job on her precious jeans! So, this first skirt is actually the one created for her from her jeans...(we just happen to be the same size by my surprise:).

She wanted her jean skirt to be ALL jean, so we cut the legs off of another matching colored pair, cut it up the seam and turned it upside down so the wider part of the jeans(the thigh part) was at the bottom of the skirt. Then pin and sew:) We added a decorative trim ribbon at the very bottom.

She had a whole in the front of the jeans so she took the pocket from the jeans that we used for the triangle patches and put it on the front, what a perfect touch!

This is the skirt I made for myself the day before. I used a pretty dark blue fabric this time. It happened to be in almost perfect rectangles already so I just pinned and sewed and hemmed it at the bottom. SO comfy, long and warm and modest:) YEAH:)

I had enough extra fabric leftover to make a matching headcoving...yes... I kinda dig matchy matchy stuff:)

So, does everyone want to make one of these skirts now!!! You can do it!!! Very awesome:)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New head covering I made, a SNOOD :)

     So I continue to experiment with head coverings:)  This one I made out of some teal fabric someone gave me awhile back.  This is a proto type.  Things I like about it.  I like the fit, it's comfy and not to snug but stays put easy.  It's pretty, I like the way it hangs in the back.  I like the idea of adding a little something to it, this one has some rickrack along the seam where I sewed the band.  Things I would do different.  I will make the seam go down the underside of the back next time before I cut it! OOPS, but still looks good.  I will also not add a band, I'll just extend the length of the body of the snood itself. All in all, I like this and plan on trying A LOT of different fabrics, also, some with ties. Different head bands/body fabrics, mix and match....  I will be trying to make jeans into a skirt tomorrow and Tuesday, so I may use the same fabric from that, to make another matching SNOOD:)  Ok, I just love that word!  What do you think?

This is very Renaissance:)  Ok, this is getting fun, oh the possibilities:)

Friday, January 20, 2012

New head band/ covering I made

     Decided to try my hand at making some head coverings today. I made two, here is one. This is a head band/ head covering. It can be a head band all scrunched up or fan it out for a head covering. Very comfortable elastic band in the back so you don't have to have a big tie knot there:) I think I dig it:) What do you think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imagine this....

Today in our book study, we talked alot about the importance of God's word in our daily lives.  Some of the great verses today were:

"But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that procedeth out of the mouth of God."  Matthew 4:4

This verse really got me thinking of the similarities between our need for regular food and spiritual food.  What does food do for us?
     *makes us feel good
     *fills that empty knawing feeling
     *gives us energy/keeps us going strong

Notice any similarities??  Gods Word does all these things for us.  We are living in a world of an overwhelming majority of the walking spiritually dead.  Who in there right mind would only eat once a week on Sunday???  We would starve to death.  Think of all the time we spend thinking of food, eating food, preparing food, planning out our meals etc...  if we just gave the Word half the time we spend on food, we would see such a HUGE change in our daily lives.

"As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby."  1 Peter 2:2

This verse got me thinking of my two good friends Alicia and Natasha.  They are currently nursing there two little baby girls.  I can't imagine either one of them deciding to only nurse once a day or once a week!!!  Food is AS IMPORTANT as our Spiritual food, the Word, is!  Once we start to renew our mind to think the Word of truth on this, we will start to see a spiritual revolution!! 

While going through this second chapter this week, I was reminded of something that happened awhile back.  Over 4 years ago, God woke me up one night.  He has done this to me on many occasions. Often it's to read the word, but this time it was to write a story:)  It was a very convicting story, but an important reminder.  I typed it out and thought I would share it with you today, I pray that it is a blessing to your walk with Christ, as it has been to mine.

Imagine this

     Jesus is in your living room when you woke up this morning. You get out of bed and get dressed for the day. You get breakfast going for you, your hubby, and the kids. You get bag lunches ready to take to school, and a lunch for your husband to take to work. All the while Jesus is waiting patiently in the living room.

You hug and kiss all of them goodbye and wave as the bus drives away. Now it’s time for some chores. You get a load put in the laundry and the floor vacuumed (Jesus lifts up his feet and continues to wait). You get a load going in the dishwasher, switch the load to the dryer and tidy up the living room. (Jesus moves to the rocking chair while you fix the couch pillows).  Now the baby needs a snack and so do you. You nibble a little on some crackers off the high chair. Then you scrub the floor, wipe down the counter and take out the trash.  After you make lunch for the baby, put her down for her nap and make yourself lunch, you turn on the TV for some veg. time. (Jesus continues to sit there patiently).  After some TV you run some arrons for awhile, come home and take a quick nap. (Jesus peeks his head around the corner to see you snoozing on the bed).

      Wake up comes just in time to get the kids home from school ready for soccer and gymnastics. You quickly drive off! (Jesus waves).

You race home in time to get dinner ready while helping with homework and trying to put the clean dishes away. Hubby’s home and everyone sit’s down to eat. Everyone turn’s there heads to the front room and says, "Thank you God for our food!"

After dinner everyone splits off into there own world. Dad to his home office, you go to your room to watch your shows, kids go to the living room to watch a movie (Jesus sits and watches them waiting).  Kiss the kids goodnight, kiss the hubby goodnight and your out!

A quiet yet constant creaking sound can be heard coming from the living room.....

Now, who in there right mind would wake up, see Jesus sitting in there from room, and completely ignore Him all day???

Sadly, every one of us at some point is guilty of that very thing. We have constant access to the creator of the heavens and the earth, yet our days can be filled with everything but Him.

When we neglect to be in the Word (Jesus is the Word) we spend the day ignoring Jesus Christ.

When we let our bibles lay there and collect dust, while the worries of the world get all of our attention, we are telling God, bluntly to His face, that we don’t love Him. This may sound harsh, but put yourself in Christ’s place. Imagine the scenario you just read, but now it’s your grown up child’s home. Would you feel loved if your daughter spent the whole day purposefully ignoring you??

God desires more then anything else to have a relationship with his children. The least we, as his creation, could do, is spend time with our creator. If it weren’t for Him, we wouldn’t even exist.

By God, through Me.
( this quote from Miss. Barnhill really fits with here)
"Whenever you come to Him, God will be there."

Julie Ann Barnhill



Quick Benjamin photo shoot!

 Well, Kayla got Ben dressed today and he just looked so darn cute I had to take some photos!  Enjoy!

Thank you Lord Jesus for my children!!


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