Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shop till ya DROP!

Well, anyone who know's me know's I love a good thrift store... well, I think I have found my favorite!  This Monday my friend Joy and I went to two thrift stores called SAVERS.  These thrift stores are HUGE and the have such a wonderful selection of items and it's all organized so you can find what your looking for!!  I LOVE THAT:)  Plus, the things they have a pretty nice and at good prices.  This particular day they were have a sale of 50% off EVERYTHING!  Now, honestly, I hadn't been doing alot of thrifting lately because I am really working at this minimalist thing.  For me, it's the idea that we don't need alot of stuff and in fact, alot of stuff isn't good for us.  My reality is this, if I wake up to stuff everywhere, organized or not, I feel kinda crowded and basically it's just not a peaceful feeling.  So, I've been backing down from "great deals" lately.  BUT, this was such a GRRREAT deal that I had to at least go and look. I prayed that I would find just what Yahweh had for me and NOTHING more and that I would be a good steward of the finances he has blessed us with.  It ended up we had a great time, got a few things that were a real blessing too.  Most of  you know now that I have been covering my head for about 10 months now...  well in that time I have been kind learning what works best for me as far as head wear goes.  Some things have worked, some don't, but I'm always trying new things.  Well, one of the things that we found at these two stores was a abundance of choices in coverings!  SO, I picked up a few for SO cheap and I took a pic to show you:)
I wore the one on the far left with teal blue flowers today.  This one actually is from and is SO comfortable.  I also experimented with leaving my hear down today and having it cover some of my ears.  It was a great way to wear a covering when it's COLD outside as it was VERY cold this morning.  Having my hair down really took the edge off the frigidness..(is that a word??)
I also had a great time getting to know my friend Joy better.  She also just recently started up her own blog that you can check out HERE.  
I believe the next sale like this at the SAVERS store is on presidents day Feb. 20th if your in the area and interested:) 
Have a blessed day!

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