Sunday, January 22, 2012

New head covering I made, a SNOOD :)

     So I continue to experiment with head coverings:)  This one I made out of some teal fabric someone gave me awhile back.  This is a proto type.  Things I like about it.  I like the fit, it's comfy and not to snug but stays put easy.  It's pretty, I like the way it hangs in the back.  I like the idea of adding a little something to it, this one has some rickrack along the seam where I sewed the band.  Things I would do different.  I will make the seam go down the underside of the back next time before I cut it! OOPS, but still looks good.  I will also not add a band, I'll just extend the length of the body of the snood itself. All in all, I like this and plan on trying A LOT of different fabrics, also, some with ties. Different head bands/body fabrics, mix and match....  I will be trying to make jeans into a skirt tomorrow and Tuesday, so I may use the same fabric from that, to make another matching SNOOD:)  Ok, I just love that word!  What do you think?

This is very Renaissance:)  Ok, this is getting fun, oh the possibilities:)

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