Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making Jeans into a SKIRT!

So, I have finally done something that I have wanted to do for years!!! I made some SKIRTS made out of JEANS!!! YEAH!! My friend Kate wanted a skirt made out of her jeans and so we set the date to create! The day before she came I decided to give it a try so I could do a better job on her precious jeans! So, this first skirt is actually the one created for her from her jeans...(we just happen to be the same size by my surprise:).

She wanted her jean skirt to be ALL jean, so we cut the legs off of another matching colored pair, cut it up the seam and turned it upside down so the wider part of the jeans(the thigh part) was at the bottom of the skirt. Then pin and sew:) We added a decorative trim ribbon at the very bottom.

She had a whole in the front of the jeans so she took the pocket from the jeans that we used for the triangle patches and put it on the front, what a perfect touch!

This is the skirt I made for myself the day before. I used a pretty dark blue fabric this time. It happened to be in almost perfect rectangles already so I just pinned and sewed and hemmed it at the bottom. SO comfy, long and warm and modest:) YEAH:)

I had enough extra fabric leftover to make a matching headcoving...yes... I kinda dig matchy matchy stuff:)

So, does everyone want to make one of these skirts now!!! You can do it!!! Very awesome:)

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