Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to clean up and Organize!

Well, it has been an ridiculously busy month for me!! So many projects and so little time! BUT, I have a bit of a break now and I am excited to get my studio all cleaned up and back to order! I started doing a little bit here and there the other day and my mother in-law is bravely coming up early for New Years Eve to give me a hand with the rest!! Will post pictures just as soon as it looks semi decent!! Pray for us!! :)

Ben's FIRST dentist appointment with dad!

Here are a few pics of Ben's first ever dental appointment. He did SO INCREDIBLY well!!! He just sat there and let her do whatever she needed!! Just a few days before was his doctors appointment. She asked for some lab work on him. We don't immunize, so he has never been poked before! SO, we went and sat down and she got his arm ready, and poke! TWICE! and guess what????!!! NOT A SOUND!! He just sat there and watched his little baby blood go into the vile!!! I WAS AMAZED!! I said..."look at the pretty red color Ben!!" and "Good job Buddy" and he just smiled!!! I just love my sweet little alien baby boy!!! LOL

Where do I get any Craftiness from???

If anyone is ever curious where I get that crafty gene from, take a look at just a small few of my fathers creations at Jocko's Woodworks. He totally rocks!!!

My husband would DIE for one of these he is an eagle freak!

This one reminds me of my California home....whimper whimper...

Both my girls would just LOVE these guys, they both adore horses!

I use to work with my dad when I was younger. I still have some of my creations here. I will take some pics and put them up soon:)
Have a WONDERFUL New Years celebration!

Gifts for my Step Daughter!

(double post, also posted on Kelly's Crafty Creations)
Ok, so I have been holding these back for awhile just in case she took a look at the web sight. I was finally able to give them to her the other day so I can reveal them to you!!!
She mentioned that she really liked pink and black zebra stripes!!! WELL, once you mention you like something to me, IT'S ON!!! LOL I made her this purse, actually out of a WAY WAY WAY to short skirt she gave me to do something with awhile back! I used doubled up fur ribbon for the strap, sheer ribboned I gathered at the bottom for the ruffle and a zebra striped bandanna lining on the inside. I also made her one of my clutches to carry with it!! I REALLY love this!! I WANT ONE!! LOL
To top it off, I made her a cute yet sad little stuffed animal out of hot pink and purple felt. This little guy has different size eyes, a sad frown and the word FAIL written on it. Now, I just new that with her slightly warped since of humer she would dig this:) Apparently it's one of the teenage sayings "fail", or "Epic fail", because I never stop hearing it from her!!! SO, I figured she would get a kick out of this little kitty critter:)
What do y'all think?
Here is the purse and clutch. I didn't get a good picture of the liner but it's fully lined and has a velcro closure in the middle.

The kitty is peeking out!

And her is the sad little fail cat! I just love this warped little guy!!

Daddy sewed up the back because we all know I HATE hand sewing....oh so lazy I am....

Close up...he grows on ya, really

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas~!

Merry CHRISTmas to all!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful time celebrating our saviours birth!! We had our traditional Olie Olie dinner for Christmas eve and then Christmas morning we opened presents. Here are some pics of our time together so far! God bless you all!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New fun with coke cans!

This one came to me the other day when a aunt of mine sent the girls some cute knit hats with some big flowers on the side. I had also , a few weeks ago, got them cute matching headband and clip-on large flowers for there stockings. I started thinking, cause I can finally get back in creative new things mode, what about coke cans!!! When you cut can's curvy, they really aren't sharp, promise!!! SO, I used a large stencil for the big flower, a small punch for the small flower and a cute little gem for the middle. What do you think??? These are up on my craft sight , Kelly's Crafty Creations now on my Jewelry page!

Cereal anyone?

Ok, so bad... but so cute!

There cute..... REALLY!!

OK, so this is what my girls do when there board waiting for there dad to tie things to the top of the car. Totally a Kodak moment in our family!
p.s. SO HAPPY to be blogging again!!! YEAH FOR TIME!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am finally finished!

All my orders for Kelly's Crafty Creations are finished!!! YEAH!! I am blessed with wonderful friends who have given me great items to make and some extra income for the tough winter season! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
I am SO looking forward to the new year. We have a lot of challenges going on right now but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!
Please be in prayer for my daughter Kayla's eyes. She is unable to see up close to read or write right now and they have no idea why. She will be getting an MRI in January to rule out anything there, and then she will be off to a Nero Opthamologist. We are all concerned but are holding on to Christ for His guidance here.
With not being able to see to read or write, it has REALLY created a challenge for us to come up with new way to homeschool effectively. Does anyone have ANY idea's? So far we can do some things on a large white board I have as long as she sits all the way on the other side of the room...( for now her far sight is ok... it is dropping though, so that needs prayer to). My fantastic friend Shelley also is sharing some Math U SEE DVD's with us which Kayla enjoys... it's just the dvd's, no book work, but it is keeping math in her brain and that is better then nothing for sure. I was also thinking about ways to try to hook up the computer to the tv screen so they could do some school games that way... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated:)
My husband was laid off early this year, so please also be in prayer for Him and his job. He is hoping to possible get a new job in January but it is totally up to the Lords willing, so we are both trying to just be in peace about whatever he decides.

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the Lords birth this year. Sometimes it's hard not to get sucked in to all the commercialism at this time of year. I pray that we all can keep our focus on the true reason to celebrate, the birth of our saviour!!
God bless!


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