Friday, December 31, 2010

Gifts for my Step Daughter!

(double post, also posted on Kelly's Crafty Creations)
Ok, so I have been holding these back for awhile just in case she took a look at the web sight. I was finally able to give them to her the other day so I can reveal them to you!!!
She mentioned that she really liked pink and black zebra stripes!!! WELL, once you mention you like something to me, IT'S ON!!! LOL I made her this purse, actually out of a WAY WAY WAY to short skirt she gave me to do something with awhile back! I used doubled up fur ribbon for the strap, sheer ribboned I gathered at the bottom for the ruffle and a zebra striped bandanna lining on the inside. I also made her one of my clutches to carry with it!! I REALLY love this!! I WANT ONE!! LOL
To top it off, I made her a cute yet sad little stuffed animal out of hot pink and purple felt. This little guy has different size eyes, a sad frown and the word FAIL written on it. Now, I just new that with her slightly warped since of humer she would dig this:) Apparently it's one of the teenage sayings "fail", or "Epic fail", because I never stop hearing it from her!!! SO, I figured she would get a kick out of this little kitty critter:)
What do y'all think?
Here is the purse and clutch. I didn't get a good picture of the liner but it's fully lined and has a velcro closure in the middle.

The kitty is peeking out!

And her is the sad little fail cat! I just love this warped little guy!!

Daddy sewed up the back because we all know I HATE hand sewing....oh so lazy I am....

Close up...he grows on ya, really

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