Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am finally finished!

All my orders for Kelly's Crafty Creations are finished!!! YEAH!! I am blessed with wonderful friends who have given me great items to make and some extra income for the tough winter season! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
I am SO looking forward to the new year. We have a lot of challenges going on right now but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!
Please be in prayer for my daughter Kayla's eyes. She is unable to see up close to read or write right now and they have no idea why. She will be getting an MRI in January to rule out anything there, and then she will be off to a Nero Opthamologist. We are all concerned but are holding on to Christ for His guidance here.
With not being able to see to read or write, it has REALLY created a challenge for us to come up with new way to homeschool effectively. Does anyone have ANY idea's? So far we can do some things on a large white board I have as long as she sits all the way on the other side of the room...( for now her far sight is ok... it is dropping though, so that needs prayer to). My fantastic friend Shelley also is sharing some Math U SEE DVD's with us which Kayla enjoys... it's just the dvd's, no book work, but it is keeping math in her brain and that is better then nothing for sure. I was also thinking about ways to try to hook up the computer to the tv screen so they could do some school games that way... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated:)
My husband was laid off early this year, so please also be in prayer for Him and his job. He is hoping to possible get a new job in January but it is totally up to the Lords willing, so we are both trying to just be in peace about whatever he decides.

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the Lords birth this year. Sometimes it's hard not to get sucked in to all the commercialism at this time of year. I pray that we all can keep our focus on the true reason to celebrate, the birth of our saviour!!
God bless!

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