Monday, November 29, 2010

New crafts I've been making....

Here are a few things I have been making lately. Will be putting them up on the CUSTOM ORDERS page ofKelly's Crafty Creations. Enjoy!
Tissue paper holder

Travel Tic-Tac-Toe game

This is a great game for in the car! I made this with felt on one side so the pieces would "stick" and not fall all over the car. It folds up nicely to close the outer pocket of pieces:)

This one is made from recycled jeans and green felt.

Folds out into a fun board!

And here are the pieces... I did circles and squares for these.

Time for a girly one!

This is a really nice patchwork bi-fold wallet!

It has places for 12 cards and two long pockets behind those for bills, receipts etc...

It also has a zipper for change!! I'm starting to really get this zipper thing finally!

Magnetic button finishes it off! I REALLY like this.... what do you think about these new crafts???

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