Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long time no post!!

Hi all!! Sorry it's been so long!! These last two weeks I have been doing some serious SERIOUS crafting to get enough crafts ready for a show a friend asked me to do in her stead. Today was the first day of the show!! It was fun and I had many customers!! I felt a little like the girl who wore jeans to the fancy ball with all those long time crafters with all there expensive items, but, still, it was fun and I got a lot of very sweet comments about my crafts! Here are some photos of the booth, I will try to get up photos of the individual items soon on this blog and Kelly's Crafty Creations!


Crystal Jeffers said...

your craft booth is very cute. I would love some close up shots of the individual items though.

kelkayla said...

Hi Crystal. Thank you for your comments. Did you get a chance to go over to my websight " " ? This is a websight I created to display the things I make so I can take orders for customers. I have put up just about everything I had there on the pages. Please let me know if you are able to get on the page and see the items! I am having so much fun with this, especially the custom orders... that way it's different every time:)


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