Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ben's Disney's Cars 2 Birthday Party

        My little boy finally turned the big 3 April Fools and this birthday he actually has some idea of what's going on!!  For months he's been asking me about his birthday because he had been to his cousin Seth's a few months prior to his and just LOVED it!  So, he's been asking for a Cars 2 Birthday party with a Cars 2 Cake.  Sounds like fun to me!!  I love to make up fun cakes for the kids.  So below are some shots of his Cars 2 cake I made and some pics of him and the day!  Enjoy!

I found these ERASERS ( cars 2 cars) awhile ago and thought they would be the perfect size for his cake!

we also had melon balls and cantaloupe balls and lemonade.  For my April fools trick we had "juice" in clear cups behind the cooler on the left.  They have straws in them, but won't really work because the "juice" is JELLO!!! :) Teheee

Birthday boy!

Brothers flying a kite

Time for some presents!

Every boy could use a big yellow metal truck!

And now for the big present reveal....

Ya, me thinks he likes it!

Oh ya, he likes it!!  I was actually amazed at how well he could steer!  it only goes 2.5 miles an hour though! lol

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Fools Day Fun! #2

Ok, so for my next trick, I made a HUGE PIE for LUNCH!!  But, it wasn't just any pie:)heheheheheee

This might look like a yummy sweet pie with green sprinkles, but in reality, it's a yummy SAVORY pie with green onion sprinkles!  This is a meatloaf PIE with creamy BLUE mashed potatoes piped on top!!  It was SO SO good too!  Here are some more pics!

Have you ever done any fun tricks for April fools???  Please share!!!

April Fools day FUN! #1

Well it looks like an average of every 10 days or so that I get a chance to get on here and post, so here are some catch up posts from the last few weeks!
This one is all about April Fool fun!  Most of you know my sons birthday is on April 1st, so, to add some fun to the day, I tried of few tricks!
The first one is a real easy trick with food coloring, cereal and milk!  Just add alittle to the bottom of the bowl before you put your kids cereal in.  Then, let them poor the milk and see there milk change color!  Check it out!

First are a few pics of the kiddos trying to figure out what the big deal is.

End result, alittle fun with breakfast, everyone smiled, it was cute!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Saint Patty's ( and my) DAY! :)

So it's been a few weeks since I have been able to share some blog post with y'all, so these are alittle dated but still FUN.  This one is of my BIRTHDAY:) They had another parade for me this year... awhhh , there so sweet:)  SO, we went and had a great time.  My son didn't really have a green shirt to wear this year, so below I share my quick shirt idea for him!

So, I have a bunch of half t-shirts laying around from when I made my t-shirt quilt ( which I still need to get on here, sorry, will do that soon)....  So, I used the bottom of this green shirt to make a small shirt for my little man.  Just leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch around the shirt and trace/cut it out.

Then, you can't see this here, but I did cut ( below) a small scoop out of the back shirt for the neck and a slightly larger on out of the front for the neck... this is the most tricky part, I did this around 1 hour before the parade, so NOTHING is perfect here.  But it works:)  Pin the shirt now...

I tried doing a few cuts around the neck to make it easier to turn under and trim, should have done bigger triangle cut though, would have been easier...

sew up the sides and the under arms, NOT the open part the arm comes out of:)

Now sew from the top end of the sleeve to where the open whole is for the head:)  On both sides.

Fold over, twice if you can and have time, and sew.... I did this so syco fast, you can see the results, not beautiful, but I'm sure yours will be SO much more lovely if you take more then a minute to do it!!!

Fold and sew the sleeve hems.

For a quick decoration, get that sharpie out and use it well!!!

Why not throw something on the back!

and the sleeves

Happy green boy!

Me and my good friend Joy at the parade!

My hubby and the little man with Joy's husband.

My two girls with there good friends.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

BURN baby BURN!!!

     Let me take a moment to THANK the LORD for TAX RETURNS!!!  Thanks to that yearly extra mulla, we were able to pay off the van!!!! YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!  So, we thought it only proper to BURN the PAYBOOK!!!

We threw in a wopper box for good measure!

Park Pics

   My Husband is blessed with a job right now, however, it happens to be two hours away. SO, when he is working out of town, he stays at a Motel 6.  Well, it's real tuff for us to be apart so much and so last week the whole family came to stay with him.... in one little room:)  ADVENTURE!! :) lol
SO, while he was working, after a bit of homeschoolin, we went... parkin, that is, in search of cool parks to play at!  Here are some random pics from our adventures.... (actually the first few are a park here that I'm throwing in:)

Ok, this isn't a park exactly, it's at the mall in Manhattan, but, I LOVE THIS PIC!


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