Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Fools day FUN! #1

Well it looks like an average of every 10 days or so that I get a chance to get on here and post, so here are some catch up posts from the last few weeks!
This one is all about April Fool fun!  Most of you know my sons birthday is on April 1st, so, to add some fun to the day, I tried of few tricks!
The first one is a real easy trick with food coloring, cereal and milk!  Just add alittle to the bottom of the bowl before you put your kids cereal in.  Then, let them poor the milk and see there milk change color!  Check it out!

First are a few pics of the kiddos trying to figure out what the big deal is.

End result, alittle fun with breakfast, everyone smiled, it was cute!

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