Monday, April 9, 2012

Saint Patty's ( and my) DAY! :)

So it's been a few weeks since I have been able to share some blog post with y'all, so these are alittle dated but still FUN.  This one is of my BIRTHDAY:) They had another parade for me this year... awhhh , there so sweet:)  SO, we went and had a great time.  My son didn't really have a green shirt to wear this year, so below I share my quick shirt idea for him!

So, I have a bunch of half t-shirts laying around from when I made my t-shirt quilt ( which I still need to get on here, sorry, will do that soon)....  So, I used the bottom of this green shirt to make a small shirt for my little man.  Just leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch around the shirt and trace/cut it out.

Then, you can't see this here, but I did cut ( below) a small scoop out of the back shirt for the neck and a slightly larger on out of the front for the neck... this is the most tricky part, I did this around 1 hour before the parade, so NOTHING is perfect here.  But it works:)  Pin the shirt now...

I tried doing a few cuts around the neck to make it easier to turn under and trim, should have done bigger triangle cut though, would have been easier...

sew up the sides and the under arms, NOT the open part the arm comes out of:)

Now sew from the top end of the sleeve to where the open whole is for the head:)  On both sides.

Fold over, twice if you can and have time, and sew.... I did this so syco fast, you can see the results, not beautiful, but I'm sure yours will be SO much more lovely if you take more then a minute to do it!!!

Fold and sew the sleeve hems.

For a quick decoration, get that sharpie out and use it well!!!

Why not throw something on the back!

and the sleeves

Happy green boy!

Me and my good friend Joy at the parade!

My hubby and the little man with Joy's husband.

My two girls with there good friends.


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