Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ben's Disney's Cars 2 Birthday Party

        My little boy finally turned the big 3 April Fools and this birthday he actually has some idea of what's going on!!  For months he's been asking me about his birthday because he had been to his cousin Seth's a few months prior to his and just LOVED it!  So, he's been asking for a Cars 2 Birthday party with a Cars 2 Cake.  Sounds like fun to me!!  I love to make up fun cakes for the kids.  So below are some shots of his Cars 2 cake I made and some pics of him and the day!  Enjoy!

I found these ERASERS ( cars 2 cars) awhile ago and thought they would be the perfect size for his cake!

we also had melon balls and cantaloupe balls and lemonade.  For my April fools trick we had "juice" in clear cups behind the cooler on the left.  They have straws in them, but won't really work because the "juice" is JELLO!!! :) Teheee

Birthday boy!

Brothers flying a kite

Time for some presents!

Every boy could use a big yellow metal truck!

And now for the big present reveal....

Ya, me thinks he likes it!

Oh ya, he likes it!!  I was actually amazed at how well he could steer!  it only goes 2.5 miles an hour though! lol

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