Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soap making with friends!

This is a quite delayed post of a great time I had with some friends making lye soap! This stuff was extremely smelly!! SO glad we did it outside! This was fun and I hope to do it quarterly so we can have handmade soap all year for everything from our bodies to our laundry detergent! Here are some pics:

The set up!

The Lye...

Borax rocks!

lovely smellies.... I ended up using lavender

Here we go!

Wow...ummm smelllllyyyyyy

Kim and Wynter watch from a distance....

Even outside, this stuff is STTTROOONNNNGGG!!!

What will the neighbors think??.....

it looks like a giant meth lab in front of the house!!! oh no!!

My flat of soon to be usable soap... actually...6 weeks and then we can use it~! Which now is just in a few days!!!


Kat said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and I have enjoyed reading through it. The soap making post was great! I want to do that with my boys...hopefully soon. And the "meth lab" in your yard had me giggling for a while. ;)

Looking forward to reading more,

Homeschooling in Kansas

kelkayla said...

Hi Katie! Glad to hear of another homeschooler in Kansas! I had been alittle behind on my blog as of late due to cram-crafting to get some items ready to sell for a friend at a local craft show. Hopefully will be back to posting more often now. The soap making was fun, hope to do more of it in the future! Might do some easier glyserin soap inbetween the more extream stuff though! God bless!


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