Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Time To Get Back To Bloggin!

     Well it's been far to long since my last post!!  I have recently been encouraged to go back to bloggin after a bit of a break and I'm excited to start back up.  Having a 2 year old has really changed my daily routine and I'm still working at figuring out how to fit it all in!  My crafting has slowed down to a very slow crawl as of late, but I plan to work it in a little more starting now:)  I would also like to start posting about a new book study I have started.  The book is called "Sweet Journey" and it is written by Teri Maxwell.  You can see the book and the Maxwell family web sight HERE.
    I am VERY excited about this study because it will be hitting the three basics of having a closer relationship with Christ, namely: Reading your Bible, Praying and Memorizing Scripture:)  Three things that ALL of us have had our struggles with!  Our group had our first meeting this Wednesday and I was SO happy with how everything went.  I really believe God has great things for us with the book and this group.  I encourage you all to check this book out:).
     More on the study to come... (when it's not 1 am in the morning and my eyes can't hardly stay open:)
Blessings to you all!

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