Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Sammy is 9 Years Old TODAY!!

Today is Samantha's birthday, and what a day it has been~!! Actually, the birthday started yesterday and continued into today with a slumber party! Sam invited two friends and her and Kayla and there friends had a VERY fun time eating pizza and candy and watching movies and doing nails and dress up etc....!! I was VERY thankful that MY friend Shelley was able to "slumber" with us! She was SO great, such a help and so nice to be able to chat till about 2:30am the next day!! I still think the girls beat us though.... all that sugar reallllllly kept them going!! After a fantastic texas french toast breakfast and sausage, the girls went to Play, Bounce and Jump and had SUCH a fun time!!! Here are some pictures from the ...days...:)

Time to mark another line!!! Awwhhhhh, my baby is getting so big!!

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