Monday, July 19, 2010

Way #3 to use Toilet Paper / Paper Towel Rolls! Purse / Bag Handles!

OK. So this looks pretty silly at first glance. But just think of it; have you ever went into a craft store and bought purse handles!!! These can be SO expensive!! Why not make your own! Take a Paper towel roll and cut it in half ( you can use the whole thing, but it is SO hard to roll up!) Roll up the cardboard long ways and either hot glue or tape it closed at the end. Now it's up to you and your creativity!! Wrap this in fabric and leave a little long so you can sew it into the fabric of your purse. Wrap it in ribbon of your choice, wrap it in yarn or even recycled t-shirt yarn!! ( tutorial to come...) Once wrapped in fabric you can use any color embroidery floss and wrap it with that! You can use BIG beads and (maybe after painting the cardboard itself) bead them on it!! For the fabric below I used some black bias tape! ENJOY!!

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