Friday, July 9, 2010

Ok, some things don't always work out.... Vinyl Record Purse

Well, this project has a ton of potential!!! But, didn't work so much this time. First off.... I tend to hate zippers...just not very good at them, as you will soon see. SECOND, never use stretch fabric when first trying something...arg.... Third, always sew in your handle BEFORE you finish sewing your purse!! All that said, I still think this idea rocks and plan on trying again!! NEVER GIVE UP!! NEVER SURRENDER!!!

Use and exacto Knife and cut off one side, however tall or short you want your purse. Cut over the same line around 8 times. Then over the side of the table apply even pressure to snap it off. If it's not perfect, you can scissor cut the bumps. Do the same thing to another record.

Now take your second to smallest bit and use your drill carefully to drill hole all the way around both records. Hold it down near the hole your about to drill to help it not to snap. Smaller bits worked best for me.

Now take your measuring tape and measure around the record. Add about an inch to this for seam allowance. You can pick the with of your purse. I chose 4 inches, then added a in ch for seam allowance making the total with 5 inches.

I cut that long piece out and then comes.... the dreaded zipper. If ANYONE has help on this, I'm all ears!! This is just NOT my area. There is a tutorial I saw that I can't seem to find right now. But maybe some of you know of a good one?? I also don't have a zipper foot, so it's hard to keep my stitches steady and on the zipper itself! HELP

Now I hand sewed each side on. I am NOT a fan of hand sewing, nor do I probably know the proper way to do it. BUT, what I did do was use black thread folded many times to make it really sturdy. This took me quite a while and with the stretchy fabric it finished all catywompus....YES that is a word!! LOL

Next comes on of my favorite ideas. Now, the first craft challenge I left my first class with was to take toilet/paper towel rolls and do something creative with them. WELL, this is one of the way I came up with. These are rolled paper towel rolls that I hot glued together!! I would cut them in half and roll them that way next time cause they were a bit of a bear to roll there at the end. BUT, this is a very sturdy yet bendy way to make handles for a purse!! And there FREE!!! You can paint these, put large beads on them, cover them in fabric whatever you like!!

I covered these ones, very sloppily with black bias fabric. I SHOULD have sewn these in BEFORE the fabric. That would have been much easier. After mostly getting one side sewed, I kinda gave up on the other side because It was nearly 2am and it was WAY WAY beyond my bed time....

Well, like I said. I still love the idea, I just gotta brush up on my skills a bit and I know I can make this work!! If you give it a try let me know how yours goes!!

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