Monday, July 12, 2010

The goings on of today...duct tape dress and heirloom onion seeds!

Today was an attempt to get back on track with things. Did our normal breakfast and chore routine and then when Benjamin took his nap we went to the art studio. Kayla wanted to make something cool out of duck tape to enter into our county fair duct tape contest! So, she decided to make a dress for her cabbage patch doll!! Here are a few pictures:
First she made a template for the top of the dress.

Then she made a rectangle out of duct tape to trace the template on.

Sammy didn't feel like making anything out of duct tape, so she drew what she calls, a chimney person:)

Time to cut out the top. I forgot to take a pictures, but for the skirt, she made a long skinny rectangle, sewed Big stitches with string across the top, gathered the top, and taped it to the top of the dress.

Tada. I think she did a great job...with a tiny bit of mommy help:) Will let you know how she does in the contest!!

ALSO, a wonderful friend of ours gave us so of the seed pods from her flowering Heirloom Onion plants. The girls and I sat down today to undo each tiny seed pod to reveal 2-5 tiny black seeds in each pod. We are gonna dry these out and use them next year!! Thank you SHELLEY!!!

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Maureen said...

Very cool Kayla!!! Good job!! Nice pic Sammy!! You are both so creative!! Love you both so so so much!!


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