Monday, July 19, 2010

Way #4 to use Toilet Paper/ Paper Towel rolls! Sweet Bracelets!!!

This is so far my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE way to use toilet paper rolls!! I will be putting up a tutorial on just how I did these bracelets VERY soon. But for now I wanted to at least put up a picture of them. These are SUPER easy to make and SUPER fun as well!! My favorite thing is that NO ONE would know that these bracelets are made from toilet paper rolls!! AWESOME!!! (my favorite, if I had to choose, is the woven patchwork style ribbon bracelet!! ) What do y'all think??


Dr. Fizza Rahman said...

these are amazing. plz come up with a tutorial soon.

kelkayla said...

I appreciate your comments and interest in the blog! Will try to get a tutorial going asap!


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