Monday, July 26, 2010

New creations: Bracletes 3 ways! Way #1 Patchwork Water bottle Braceletes!!

Ok, so I have done some of these bracletes before. But these are new and improved. My daugters wore some of the toilet paper roll yarn bracletes to VBS and got them all wet...and, being that there cardboard, they tore:( SO, I needed to come up with another way! Now, I think wrapping the toilet paper roll straps in clear tape would do that job, but I also came up with a few more ideas:)
These are two patchwork ribbon bracletes. The small one is still the toilet paper roll braclete, it survived! The larger one is made from a plastic bottle!! I really like the longevity of this idea:) Now this one kinda wraps on itself and the girls like to wear it that way. It does have a button and string to fasten it for a more secure way:) I also put a wider ribbon on the inside of this one with hot glue. YES, I will do a tutorial soon!! Oh how I pray for more time in the day!!

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