Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick QUICK shirt into apron tutorial!

This is a perfect project for me, the lazy sewer:) I love to sew, but have little patience for patterns and pinning etc... SO, made this one up today! Find a shirt , anyone that you want to make a apron out of. This one is perfect cause it has cute little pockets already.

Cut it alittle bigger then you would want it ( for the fold down nice edge on top ), strait across.

Now turn the top that is left of the shirt vertical to you like this.

Now, I made three strips here. You may be able to get away with two cause mine ended up being long enough to wrap around to the front and tie. Cut out even strips for the strap part of the apron. I had nice lines to go by but you can just eye ball it:)

Now, take apart ONE seam of the circles strips you have just cut, or if there is no seam, cut it:)

Now you should have three twice as long strips:)

Sew these strips together from end to end and end... right sides facing when you sew.

You should now have a pile of one long strip:)

Now for the tidy sewers nightmare:) Hold the strip with the wrong side facing you. Fold one side in...

and then the other.... yes...I know...there's a raw edge..SHOWING!! AHHHH! LOL ok, so if you want it really nice you can do all that folding, ironing, pining and stuff, it's OK, I'm just not that patient. PLUS, I figure. This is for me and the girls and no one is gonna see the inside of the apron when it's on:)

Now sew one strait line down the middle holding and flipping as you go!! it's ok, it doesn't have to be perfect!!

Then fold over the ends twice and sew over them a few times to secure.

Now, find the middle of this long skinny strap...

fold the top of the apron over a half to a inch or so and lay middle of the strap on top of the front side of the top of the apron. Now look, PINS!! See, I used a few....:)

Now make sure it's at least alittle pinned on there to keep it center and still.

Now start on one side of your apron and sew down one edge of the strap to the apron.

Now turn, sew that tiny bit down the side...
turn again and go back down the other edge:)

And there you have it, a quick and cute apron!!

This is my daughter attempting to claim this as her own!!!

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