Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make your own easy SWEATER BOOTS!!

This is such a super fun and surprisingly quick project!! Here's how I did it (the slightly lazy but fun and fast way), but you can find a fancier way HERE.

First, find a comfortable pair of slip on shoes / flats. I found these at the thrift store for a dollar for my eight year old Samantha.

Next, find a cute sweater. This one I found at another thrift store for a dollar! It was actually hard to cut into this one, it was warm soft and fit her perfectly!! But sacrifices must be made in the name of CRAFTINESS!!

Now, cut off the sleeves. I cut alittle away from the seam, in case I wanted to sew new sleeves on or hem it or something. So first the right...

Then the left....

You should now have two sleeves and one very cute sweater vest!!!

Ok, SO, take one sleeve and turn it inside out.

Open it up at the wide end and slip it on top of the shoe sole. You want the inside out sleeve to go around the sole and hang down.

Time for the hot glue gun!!!

Now, match up the seam of the sweater arm with the back of the heal. Put some hot glue there on the heal ( I did this pretty low this time. I think I would put the glue up pretty high on the sole next time so the sweater doesn't end up being almost to the ground). Quickly press the sweater to the heal that is glued.

Like this....

Then start going around the should gluing...

and pressing...

and gluing....

and pressing some more...

and some more...

don't stop now

almost done!!!

So now you should have a shoe with a inside out sweater sleeve hanging glued from the sole!! GOOOD JOB!! :) Now do all of that one more time with the other shoe!! No worries, your a pro now!! easy peasy lemon squeazy!

Now take them, and turn them right side out, pulling the shoes through.

The bottom should look something like this!

carefully pull it snug so it's all pulled out properly.

And walla!! There you have it! A adorable set of sweater boots!! And this sweater has lots of colors so it could work with alot of outfits!

They even look cute rolled down!

And there she is! This outfit SO fits her personality! And the sweater will actually work SO cute as a sweater vest. In the winter she can wear a turtle neck or long sleeve shirt with it!! I am LOVIN this! Now you try and send me pics of how it went!!

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