Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Strawberries and falling limbs....

Today we got to pick a bunch of ripe strawberries from our three small plants in the front. There kinda less then normal lookin, but there ours!! LOL

On a not so great note, part of our tree once again fell on our house!! This time, it did alittle damage but not to much. The real damage is that we have no choice but to get the tree removed now.... The limb that fell is still very slightly attached to the tree and just hanging there to high up and out of reach. SO, we have to get it cut down. Honestly we have wanted it cut down for years, but never had the money. Well, it's coming down now and we still don't have the money, but we also have no choice......... I hate debt.....

On a slightly more happy note, I made my first completed oatmeal purse yesterday!! It's so cute!!!  I will have pictures up for ya'll soooooon!!!

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