Friday, August 27, 2010

Thrift store findings!

This week has been a WHIRLWIND of events! Monday was the first day of school, and now that I'm at the end of the week I can say it was the only FULL day of school! It was nice to start up again, but we are apparently easing into a full routine:) Tuesday night was the first of many ICC meetings, this one at my house. ICC stands for Intentional Christian Community. God has brought many families together that all have Christian Community on our hearts. We all want more then an hour or two on Sunday and maybe Wednesday night. Many of us have a desire to live in closer proximity to each other, to be more self sufficient and to have a more constant connection with each other. We are currently trying to come up with what that looks like us to each of us and to us as a whole. Very interesting stuff there!

Wednesday night was practice with the worship band ( I sing and play sax and my husband sings), and bible study.

Thursday was a long day of canning various things at my friend Kate's house. SO much fun but much more work then you would expect!

Today has been a LONG day of doctors trying to find out what to do about my oldest daughters eyes! She is not seeing up close clearly AND she is having double vision. It looks like alot of homework therapy is needed to work on building up her eye muscles so that she can read and write again. It's a long road, but atleast there is light at the end.

SO, besides all that, I did recently find a GREAT piece at the thrift store. It is a display piece for bracelets and necklaces!! PERFECT! It is missing one of the arms off the side, but that's ok, there many more:) Happy thrift store shopping!

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