Monday, August 16, 2010

Back from Camping.... Thank the LORD for air conditioning!

Well, we have survived the hottest camping trip of my LIFE!! All that aside, ( attempting not to wine and complain), we had a great time!!! I only got to do a few of the survival classes that were going on due to taking care of Ben, but we did do a few like Bow drill fire making, dutch over cooking and a Edible plants nature walk. All and all, my favorite things about the trip was the Christian Community ... so nice to be surrounded by like minded sisters and brothers in Christ! AND, we had some wonderful community worship each evening that was AMAZING!! Here are some pics:)

The camp sight. This was a large sight all to ourselves with PLENTY of room to set up lots of tents....

Both Joe's and Ours tents had issues. When we got there one of our poles lost all it's elastic AND we lost one of the pole sections!! This is Joe's tent pole that split...needed to do some surgery and splint it! lol

In comes the rain!!

Pot luck meals under the pavilion...

Cute pics of my little man:)

This is my son...with a Cheetos puff in both hands AND his mouth!! LOL

Time to go. We had a BEAUTIFUL sunset order in by God to send us home!! Pics DO NOT do it justice!

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