Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun at the county FAIR!

We had a great time at our local county fair last night! This was the first year that we entered crafts as well as the first year we ever attended! This was also the first fair that the kids have ever been to, so they had a blast!

Let's start with my favorite! The COWS!!!

Kayla says" look at those camel cows mom!!!! LOL I just love kids!

Time for the cookie lookin chickens!! Check out the puff ball on top of this fella!

This one looked so soft and fluffy!

Definitely my favorite~!!!

Waskaley Wabbits!!!

This was one SERIOUSLY LARGE rabbit!!

Last but not least, the piggies!

had to take this pictures... I just had too!

buy piggies!

Ok, now it's time for some serious crafty business! This first pictures is of a set of jewelry I made. I didn't get any pics of this on the blog earlier, I will be taking some better ones when I get them back after Saturday night. This is a bracelet on the far right, a round necklace next to that,a ring VERY hard to see above that and a pair of small round earrings to the left of all that! These were made out of 1 and a 1/4 Cherry Coke cans! So much fun!! Can't wait to make more set's of these! Could make these in so many different ways! Looks like I won first place and a "special" ribbon... not sure what that means, but totally cool none the less!!

This is the patchwork ribbon bracelet I made alittle while back with a ribbon spool! Yippy!

My daughters were so excited to see that there puzzle friendship necklaces won as well as Kayla's plastic bottle ribbon wrap bracelet!

When we went to enter this dress into the duct tape contest, we were too late!! BUT, we wern't to late to enter it into the craft part of the open class competition! Kayla was SO super happy to win a ribbon!

This is my newest Oatmeal purse. Will get better pics up of this one soon as well.

Coke Can Flower!

Jean apron!

Record notebook!

Sammy did this marker coloring that morning! She's SO happy!

These are two drawings of Kayla's. One is a fall late afternoon at the park, and the other is the Lost sheep!

This one Sammy did... hard to see but she put alot of tiny details into it, even added her own leaves and branches at the top...

This I call my "Soda Farm". It's a terrible pic, sorry!! I painted a background and then added a cow, rooster, pig and some grass made all out of Soda cans!!

Last but not least, Sammy's Cross stitch of "God is LOVE"!

Some pics of the family..

Ben got a fireman badge sticker when we were looking at the trucks.... when we made it to the police officers, well... they added a few stickers and a real pin on badge!

Time for rides! Let's go fly!!

We're flying


The girls both road this one. Kayla loved it...Sammy....not quite as much!

Ben thinks he wants to ride!

Cookie parents pics!

Bye bye Fair, see you next year!


Maureen said...

So so cute!!, I love all the pics! Congratulations to all of you for your crafty creations!! You all did fantastic! So proud of all of you!! Can't wait to see in person soon!! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Everyone did such a great job on all of the craft creations! Congratulations!

kelkayla said...

Thanks so much! It was a really fun experience. I am sure we will continue to do this for years to come!

kelkayla said...

Loved the one's with the cute cowgirl in them!!! ( BTW, the cute cowgirl was me :) This is Sammy!!!


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