Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sabbath day fun!

Hi all!! We have recently been convicted to start observing the Lords Sabbath on the first day of the week ( on God's calender that's Friday 6pm till Saturday 6pm ). Now to all of you who think we have suddenly turned Jewish, NOPE! :) We are just choosing as a family to observe the fourth commandment on the day we believe God originally chose. We still worship the Lord with other believers on Sunday right now, that may change, or, we may do both, God knows! But for now, God has told us to kick back and relax and enjoy family and Him on the Sabbath. SO, last night before six I made a really yummy extra huge pizza with string cheese filled crust!!!! I WISH I had taken a picture of that beauty but will have to do so next time! We ate that and watched a video called "the Apostles of Comedy". It was four Christian men who also happen to be pretty funny!!
This morning we had fun making pancakes and a nice relaxed pace, no hurries! Now, we did afterwards need to take some trash from my parents house to the dump. That was pretty easy and done quickly. Then later today I gave the girls two canvases and some recycled materials. Here are some pictures of what they started doing. Kayla my red head has squares I cut out from coke cans, and Sammy has bottle caps from various containers. I will have finished pictures soon! I also have a video of my little man dancing this morning that I have been trying to download and get up on here:)

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