Monday, June 20, 2011

How to make YOGURT!

So, I know it's been a long time without a post, SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!!! This last school year was the most challenging of my life and all my energy HAD to go to my kids with no exceptions last year. SO, it's summer now, things are a lot more relaxed and finally I have a little more time to get back to blogging a bit!! YEAH!!

So to start out a new season of blogging, I wanted to share with y'all just how EASY it is to make YOGURT!!!
I have been blessed to get my milk from two different places. I get a gallon of fresh raw goats milk ( I'm telling you, it taste just the same done right!!!) from a local goat farm and I get a gallon of raw cow's milk from another friends farm!! SCORE!!! I especially am thankful for the cow's milk because cow's milk separates so I can take all that wonderful cream on top and make butter and buttermilk and then have skim milk left, which is what I drink anyways! SO cool....

Ok, so, yogurt! What I do is take a half gallon of skim milk, and I add a small yogurt container in the milk and mix, ( you can actually add a bit of milk to the yogurt first to break it up, then dump it in the whole 1/2 gallon. This yogurt should be plain, and HAS to have LIVE CULTURES in it! And guess what, THAT's IT!!! Leave it out on the counter for 12-24 hours. ( This depends on how fresh the yogurt is, I used a fresh Greek yogurt with no weird additives, it worked great, but was a little loose, so next time I will try a little more yogurt or one with more live culture). Just experiment around till you get the consistency you like. It's so worth it!! Then you will have your own fresh yogurt!! HERE is another web sight with a slightly different way of making it, i will try this next time just to see how it works!

Now comes the add-ins! Our families favorite yogurt is lemon, so I went searching this morning and found this web sight HERE. This web sight rocks because it goes over how much to put in for so many different flavors. I tried the lemon this morning with the yogurt I made and it tastes SO GREAT!! I used a splenda type sweetener because of my diabetes and it still tastes wonderful! It did make my yogurt even looser and so became one of those expensive yogurt drinks you can buy, but still, so awesome!

I hope you try some of this out. I so enjoy knowing I can make my own foods and being less dependant on "the man":)


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