Saturday, June 25, 2011

My urban container garden #3

Ok, so now it's time for some current pictures of our front yard farm! Here goes:

A picture of some of the beef steak tomato's on the first row on the right.

Some more beef steak

These are some of the cherry tomatoes on their row...

A look into the carrot jungle!

My oldest daughter Kayla holding a rather stubby looking carrot!

These are the two jalapeno plants, they are doing real well.

All the pepper plants are doing real well...

This is one of two yellow pears tomato plants I have.

This is an Ariel view of some of the Roma plants.  I have four Roma tomato plants and they are all doing so well this year compared to last.

Now this........ this is VEGGIES GONE WILD!!!! LOL  These are so way to close together it's not even funny!!!  There all so inter-tangled and huge that I can't even see half the stuff growing in there!

So here are a few pics of what I could find in there.  This is a really big cucumber!  There are SO MANY of these guys growing in all different stages... VERY hard to find in all that mess though!

This is a adorable cantaloupe!!!  It's so fuzzy and cute!  Can't wait for this one to finish up!  It will need a hammock to hold it up from breaking off soon!

This is one of the itty bitty watermelons growing right now.  So cute!!

this is inside the zucchini bush!  There are around 4 or five growing now.  They have such huge beautiful flowers!

These are around 7 or 8 pickling cucumber plants I am growing.  Also in here somewhere is one surviving pumpkin plant trying to make it's way in the world!!  I'm rooting for it, gotta root for the underdog!!! lol

Yellow onions that are actually growing up to look like real onions this year!  YEAH!

On the left is a bucket full of flowering cilantro, or better known as coriander!  The middle container is the stubs that are left from the second round of lettuce I tried to grow.  Rabbits have no manners!!!  To the right of that sad container is my flowering arugula.  It did real well this year, next year I will try to think about pinching off the tops before they flower.  Same with the lettuce, it did real well and then one hot day that I was out of town was all it needed to wilt and die :(

Red onions( really purple...seriously....there not red!! )  there doing real well to but harder to see them in this pictures.

Sole surviving lettuce!  With a few weeds on the side....

These are my strawberry plants.  We've only had maybe 5 total strawberries from them, but hoping the keep growing and adding for next year.

In the background is a long piece of gutter delivered by my friend Joe.  This will either be mounted to the top of that fence or on the side of the house and be filled with compost so that I can grow some spinach!!!

This is how much all that lemon balm has grown so far.  Getting really bushy!

So, there you have it.  I will keep updates here and there as things get ripe for the picking.  We have had one green pepper , two jalapenos, 5 strawberries, lettuce, arugula, garlic and onions so far.  Can't wait for some of those tomato's to finally turn red!!!
SO, what are you doing this year in the garden??? Please feel free to share!

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