Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My urban container garden #1

Well, now that I'm back to blogging, I thought it would be good to share my gardening experiment with y'all! This is the first year I started seeds inside. I started them in late February and was totally surprised at how well they did. Note: Do NOT use sharpie's to label the Popsicle sticks unless your gonna wrap tape over them before you spray water your garden!! lol:) Here are some pics of my seedlings:)( Wish I had taken more at all the different stages, but like I said, not much blogging going on at the time...)
These are almost all tomatoes. There are a few green pepper plants and then the three that you see sprouted are some seriously leggy cucumber plants:)
This is Kayla's garden...
And this is Samantha's...

Later, I transferred them all to milk cartons ( which were kinda a pain later to transfer to buckets so don't know that I would recommend that, but they work in a pinch..) then many of them went to the 5 gallon buckets I had on hand and the cucumbers to a larger plastic tub. Here is a pick of that.
I put them on the porch at first to "harden them off". They really struggled with the switch from milk carton to bucket. I think I would start them in a bit larger peat moss pots next time and then when they have real good established roots, switch them strait to the buckets. By the time I switched them from milk cartons to buckets, they were SO TALL they were leaning all over each other.... SO, think I started them a little early! :)
SO out of 21 tomato plants, about 4 died from shock. There was one rouge night that got in the thirties and it killed 4 tomato plants and all three of my cucumbers were no match for that temperature..... so sad.... I really didn't anticipate caring so much about these plants!! LOL I tell you what though, they're like my babies!!! So much time and care went in to growing them and keeping them healthy, that I really wanted them to do well, and was totally sad when the few died:( BUT, the next post will show y'all how the survivors are doing now!!! Be back soon!

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